Tuesday, 31 January 2017

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Forest School

Off to the forest!
 Looking after the house, and cooking:
 Games and songs in a circle:
Painting with leaves on sticks:
  Listening to "Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock":
See the whole album here. (Many thanks to Barbara for the great photos!)

Interview to my grandparents

By Daniel

During the Christmas holidays I visited both sets of my grandparents:

–Nonna (but she is English) and Nonno in Italy

–Grandma and Grandpa in England

Nonna and Nonno in Italy

 •Nonna grew up in England, before moving to America and then Italy.
 •She is 77 years old. 
•She showed me some old games from the 60-70s.
 •She used to play a lot outdoors and wrote down the rules of some of her favourite games.
 •There were not a lot of toys. Used to play with one only.
 •Used to do a lot of sport after school
 •Nonno is 79 and was born in Pisa, but at 3 years old he had to move a lot with his family due to the war. 
•He used to play outdoors and used to love playing cards and backgammon in his youth
 •Television in Black and White arrived later on.
 •My Italian grandparents like old things that can be collected, that are called antiques.

Games that we still play with
•These are my Nonna’sgames from her youth 
•She is really good at Dominoes, we played a lot in the holidays, also to build towers.
•Nonna taught me how to play Snap.

•My Italian grandparents have been married for long time
 •For every Christmas they spent together, they bought a special Christmas blue plate (Bing & Grondahl)
 •They have an old book that tells the story

Grandma and Grandpa

 •Grandpa is 79 and Grandma is 77 years old
 •They grew up in the north of England.
 •When Grandpa was my age he will go to school but before school he had to feed the pigs and after school he went to work in is dad’s bakery shop 
•When Grandma was my age she went to school but also help in the afternoons in their family shop.  •There were no foreign children in their school 
•Chocolate and sugary products at the time were on rations as it was after the war. 
•The Fairground will come to the village only once a year. They had Dodgems too.
 •There was no television till they were 9-10 years old so they used to play a lot outdoors (the same games my Nonna played!!!).
 •They flew on a plane only in their thirties, while I flew on a plane when I was a few months old. •My grandpa flew on a Concorde.

The way we make bread has changed 

•My Grandpa used to be a baker and he worked in bakeries all his life.
•He loves any bread, above all brown, as it is good for you. 
•A baker in the past had to wake up very early in the morning to prepare the bread for the village. Sometimes they worked through the night.
•Bread was made by hand not automated as today.
•They did not have baguettes or any other foreign bread in England. 
•Only later on, my Grandpa, started travelling through Europe to discover different ways of making bread and different types. 

A table Zoé

On Tuesday we went to the auditorium and watched a very entertaining play with magic tricks. See the album of photos here.

From Romania

Anaïs shared some things from her mother's family in Romania.
This is an iron with charcoal inside (from Anaïs' great grandmother’s old times, around 1940).

This is the uniform that Anaïs' mother wore when she was a child in Romania. There were 3 types of laces that showed the best pupils of a class/school: red (for only 2 or 3/class), yellow (only one/class) and blue (only one/school).

Monday, 30 January 2017

Anansi Stories

K2 and K3 getting together for some Anansi stories:

Here's an animation of the story Anansi the Spider:

And here's Anansi and the Pot of Beans:

Friday, 27 January 2017

An interesting scale

We looked closely at this scale on an old letter scales today:
We looked at the smile-shaped number line, and made some of our own.

Questions we often ask are: What do you see? What do you notice? What do you wonder?
Here's K3G's observations and questions:
And here are K3H's:
Both classes noticed the ½.
But at first we weren't sure what this number could be between zero and one.
But in both classes someone had an idea. In K3G it was Daniel. In K3H it was Finlay. It's half!
We'll be thinking more about half next week.

The Record Player

When we looked at Ariadna's grandparents' record player
and the record that Blanca brought in, Africa remembered a Peppa Pig video about this. It's perfect for what we're learning about, how things tell us about the past:

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Musée Paul Dupuy

Today we went to the museum!

We saw lots of really old glass bottles, like this one:
and we saw an old pharmacy, with lost of jars:
We sketched some of the bottles and jars.

We went upstairs and saw lots of old clocks:
 We sketched these too!
Outside in the courtyard we looked closely at some huge pictures from Tibet:
Children thought that the man in this picture looked very calm, happy, serious and thoughtful.

What were these for?

More old things from Ariadna's grandparents...
You know what this was for:
But what was this for?

Wonderful things from the past

More pictures from Ariadna...

My grandparents' bedroom:
A sewing machine:
What are these?
And these?