Friday, 23 March 2018

Pyjama Day at IST

On Friday, the staff and children came to school in their pyjamas to help raise 259€ for a good cause.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Number of the day

Today is our 107th day at school. We made lots of 107s with materials that we chose.
We also, as usual, wrote different equations (and > and < relationships) involving 107:

The Creature in the Cave

Our village is by a deep lake. Some of the people in our village dive down into the lake to get a plant that grows at the bottom; this plant is used in a medicine. They have described to us what the plant looks like.
There's a mountain by our village too. High up in the mountain is a cave. Recently, a creature has been seen going into the cave. Some of us went up the mountain, and looked in the cave. We saw what the creature looked like.

Here we are, discussing what is needed for the dive, how we make the medicine, and mapping out what's around the village. There are three groups that are experts on these three things:
After careful preparation, a group dived down into the lake to get the flower needed for the medicine. Another group carefully made the medicine. 
And a third group went up into the mountains to see the creature and its child. The story continues next week...

With thanks to Jenny Lewis for this 'Mantle of the Expert' unit.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Book Week Fun

This week the children have enjoyed taking part in all our wonderful book week activities.
Author, Paul Geraghty
Alec Williams

dressing up!
in the bookshop