Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Crazy Eye and the Jellyfish

We're writing stories based on Joan Miró's Constellation pictures. Parents are typing them out and sending them to the teachers. Here's the first one Simon received, a great story by Kai:

Once upon a time there was a crazy eye who met a jellyfish.

They had a little walk and then they went into a shop. They bought some milk and pizza. They also bought fire to heat them up.

Then they went out of the shop and they looked at the sky. They saw a rainbow and then the sun came. They had a little rest and they felt very warm. Next they met a crazy monster which looks like a whale and the whale came to them. It had one eye. “It looks like me!” said the monster eye. They walked and went on the aeroplane but the people were scared of them because they thought they were monsters. But it wasn’t a monster, it was just a crazy one not a real one.

It came night time they got off the aeroplane and saw two moons. They looked out of the window of their house and they were surprised about the two moons.

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